How Does Running Form Affect Their Speed

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Abstract This experiment was devised to measure how altering a person’s running form can affect their speed. The participants ran a for 40 yards on the track and were each given five minutes to rest between the different running form. The control running form consisted of the participants running with their arms moving, sprinting naturally. The other running form tested the participants time while running with their arms held straight. The experimental results found during the research supported the hypothesis that running with the arms in motion naturally generated the running best time. Introduction Running is seen all across the world. Whether it is on television, in magazines, in a person’s local community, or for sports. Despite race,…show more content…
The arms act as a counter to the force the body exerts while running (Elftman, 1939). During the research the main objective was to see if the participants would be able to increase their time to complete a forty-yard dash by changing their running form. Knowing that arm swinging is an essential factor to propelling oneself forward, the experimental variable is to eliminate the arms movement. In one study, it was found that a human’s arms make up ten percent of a person’s total weight, so it is believed to use up ten percent of a person’s energy while running. (Hutchinson, 2014) A study performed at the University of Colorado found that arm swinging reduces the metabolic cost for human running (Arellano and Kram, 2014). During the experiment, to observe a change in time with each running form, each participant will have each running form time. To ensure that fatigue is not a limiting factor, the subjects will be randomly selected to do the experimental form over to measure the times accurately. Since arm swinging is said to be biomechanical, it is hypothesized that if running in a form with the participants moving their arms and running naturally, then a more efficient and hastier speed time will be
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