How Does Sam Ligon Create Novels?

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Sam Ligon, is a great writer. Not only is he able to create novels, but he has also written plenty of short-shorts. Most authors, they write with the voice they have and say everything they need to within their novels or stories. However, Ligon has something else to say. Novels are a way to dive in deep and really get into a story through a longer period of time. Short-shorts are nearly entirely different. They push you into the story within the first few sentences and just when you think the story couldn’t get any more intense, it ends. Just like that, boom. Sam Ligon, says this, in his own words, basically so we understand not only the difference between them, but the difference an author must do to make a piece they truly think is complete.…show more content…
I guess they just write another one and hope this ones better or turns out more successful. They write with such feeling and emotion, that sometimes you feel as if you’re apart of the story too. When I write, I just want someone to read it. I put everything I have into a piece, everything I feel about that particular story, even if it’s not a true story, there is still some aspect that comes from a personal experience. I love to write, as does Sam Ligon. Though I may not have the skills he has yet, I hope to have some close to his one day. Writing gives me a release, a way to say what I want, without actually saying a word because I can write it. The power he puts into his writing is simply extraordinary. For example, “The Bed You’ve Made,” is written as though he was there. Or as if he was the one who was going through that. To combine a story and invert your own twist or personal tie to it is not an easy thing to do. So, with him being able to do that, he gives writing a whole new meaning. I believe that Sam Ligon was trying to say, it’s not about what you write, or that you’re really writing at all. It’s about the fact that you took a chance that you didn’t know if something would actually work out or not but you did it

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