How Does Saponification Affect The Image Of A Body?

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Saponification/adiopocere takes place if a body is found in a damp area, mud or water. The
Latin term for soap-making, saponification is also known as grave wax. It is yellow/white in colour, is crumbly and is wax-like to the touch. This process usually affects the larger fatty areas of the body, such as the buttocks and upper torso. When the fats are being attacked by bacteria, a chemical reaction takes place causing the body to turn into this substance. The fats break down, and as they mix with the dampness/water, fatty acids are produced and then a substance like soap. Whereas a body would begin to become putrid, this process protects it and helps in the preservation of the image of the body and its contents.
Saponification/adipocere does
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