How Does Shonquasia Cause Conflict

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QP engaged Shonquasia in participating in a CBT activity geared towards improving family relationship. QP EXPALINED TO Shonquasia that the activity will help learn how to resolve conflict with her family, promote discussion and awareness of issues that are causing conflict. QP encouraged mom to participate in the session. QP asked both mom and Shonquasia to list some issues that are causing conflict or arguments between them. QP discussed with Shonquasia and mom the conflict issues listed. QP asked Shonquasia, if she has moved back into the house. QP asked Shonquasia to list some issues that is causing conflict in the home. QP asked Shonquasia to explain how she response to conflict situation. QP asked Shonquasia if she feel stuck in the middle…show more content…
QP asked mom what are the consequences for non-compliant of house rules. QP asked mom if she is consistent with the rules. QP asked mom, if she spend quality time with Shonquasia. QP asked mom, if Shonquasia listen to her advice. QP asked mom if Shonquasia is complaint with the house rules. QP asked mom to explain how she resolve conflict with Shonquasia. QP asked mom if the constant arguments and conflict is affecting the other children in the home. QP discussed ways in which mom and Shonquasia can solve conflict peacefully. QP provided worksheet to help with assessing how Shonquasia and mom resolve conflict situation. QP discussed with Shonquasia and mom how compromising can help with resolving issues among them. QP asked mom to say something positive about Shonquasia. QP asked both mom and Shonquasia to participate in roleplay a scenario, in which a child was lying to mom about smoking marijuana. QP asked mom to pay the role of the child and asked Shonquasia to pay the role of the mother. QP asked them to do the role paying as a way of helping Shonquasia to see how mom feels when she lies about doing something wrong or would be detrimental to her
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