How Does Size Matter?

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In this article,”Does Size Matter?” it discusses a report of a paper on the psychological study made to test the advertising media’s claim that ads using thin body models are most effective in selling the product. It also tested the premise if attractiveness of the model was a contributing factor despite body size and wether or not representing thin body image as ideal has a detrimental effect on women. It presented three images in the ads featuring thin body models, average sized body models, and no models to determine there advertising effectiveness. In order to counter the effect on attractiveness as a factor in these ads, the models were there same in all the ads but there size was completely generated to keep the attractiveness of the models constant and eliminate it as a factor in the ads effectiveness of both the thin and average size models who are equally attractive. Participants in the study were recruited by email and did not include students. The ads used for this study were created to show the body image selling power of the ad. The product selected for the ad was a deodorant, computer generated from a real product, one labeled “Gold” and the other “Jewel”. Slogans were added but kept relatively bland in order to compare the selling power of the body image rather then the slogans. For control purposes, two different landscapes were chosen as the background for the ads, one a sand dune and the other a meadow. Images of two fashion models were chosen

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