How Does Social Change Affect Individuals And Society?

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Activism is taking actions or using policies to create social change and to raise awareness on issues affecting individuals and society. (Launius and Hassel, Threshold Concepts, 157). Gender socialization; reproductive justice, abortion and birth; and family life are three issues that affect people through privilege and oppression. These issues have negative impacts on transgender people’s access to public space, women of color reproductive self-determination and mothers. People have tried to address these issues by lobbying for changes in laws and protesting against repulsive polices.
Gender socialization teaches people throughout everyday life that there are only two genders associated with the binary system (Launius and Hassel, Threshold Concepts, 28). Societal institutions shape an individual into his or her gender identity based on one’s appearance and behaviors. Hence, a person who has masculine traits would be called a male, while a female would consider having feminine traits (Launius and Hassel, Threshold Concepts, 31). Base on this theory, a person who does not consider themselves to be in “F” box and “M” box is not accepted in society. This issue affects every group in society when they have to conform to these narrow ideas about what gender is. Thus, it strict their freedom of being their own self. These narrow ideas affect especially transgender people who are against these binary options (Launius and Hassel, Threshold Concepts, 30). According to Jaimee

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