How Does Social Inequality Affect People Of Different Nationalities? Ethnicities And Races?

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Junjie Ouyang
SOC 101 015
Prof. Pinderhughes

“1]. How does social inequality impact people of different nationalities [ethnicities & races], classes, and genders in society.” Inequality is ubiquity in our world, most people are looking at the downside or the surface of this phenomenon. In fact, that inequality is the drive of historical and social progress. Have an interesting experiment explain what response when monkeys encounter inequality treatment. Experimenters prepare two different foods, cucumbers and grapes, and two monkeys. Those monkeys had been training to do a simple work, after they pass a pebble the experimenter will give a piece of cucumber or a grape to those monkeys. First time when monkeys done their job, experimenter give both of them a piece of cucumber, they accept the cucumber and seem feel happy. Second time when monkeys done their job, experimenter give a monkey grape and another one give cucumber, in this time that monkey who get cucumber one is very wrath.
Humans have more complex social structure and thinking, but some time we response are same like those monkeys. People not worry about poverty, but people indignation about inequality. But it is inadvisable for everyone are absolute equality. because of resources are limited, maybe we can eat a half bread, but we cannot drive a half of car, use a half of cell phone. On the other hand, absolute equality will let people getting lazy and lost they initiative and creative…
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