How Does Social Inequality Effect A Child 's Educational Achievement?

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How does social inequality effect a child’s educational achievement in England? Introduction There have been many different theories, debates and discussions regarding the relationship between educational achievement and social class of children. I will be discussing these points of views using a range of resources to support my statement. Social class can be referred to as; ‘’large groups of people differing from each other in terms of the place the occupy in a determined system of social production, mostly by there role, wealth and the mode of requiring that wealth’’ (Vladimir Lenin, 1919). This includes the upper class, middle class and working class. Children enter the education system from all different backgrounds and leave with different experiences and results. According to statistics and data taken from the The Youth Cohort Study (2007) it shows that middle class children on average perform better than working class children. This is because the poorest and most disadvantaged homes are the ones that achieve the lowest results. This problem has been identified as a policy concern for all three major political parties in the United Kingdom (UK). In December 2007, the government published a plan called ‘Building brighter futures’it has been designed to eradicate child poverty and social division. Ed balls said that he wanted England to be ‘ 'the best place in the world for our children and young people to grow up '’ (GOV, 2007). Historical development of social

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