How Does Social Media Affect The Human Condition

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Social media has become ubiquitous in modern society-a vast majority of the human race devotes their time to liking, posting, and commenting on what others share about their day to day lives. Technology has permitted communication with citizens around the globe, and the world is more united than ever before. It's commonplace to see an entire family connected online all at once, keeping in touch with each other, relatives, and friends. It can be debated that such forms of communication can only enhance the bonds and relationships between humans, with supporters of technology preaching the benefits of facilitated conversations with the rest of the human race. However, social media serves only to destroy relationships, isolating people from society…show more content…
Social media centers its users in a state of seclusion from the outside world, divides bonds that have been built with true friends and family, and finally depletes one's ability to effectively feel and communicate in tangible, face to face conversations. Those who use social media encapsulate themselves inside a virtual box, sealing the rest of the world out, and placing the user in their own world of alluring friendships and captivating. The users become deluded of the damage social media will cause them both in the present and future, never realizing the negative consequences until they become irreversible and a permanent new reality. Leaders must become aware of the dangers that social media will cause our society and begin a project for change in order to bring realization and a brighter future. Society needs to relearn the values of social situations and personal communication with real connections in order to thrive in both the business and political world. If society refuses to comprehend these dangers and threats, the world will become a dreary and emotionless place with broken relationships and people who cannot communicate without technology of some sort. Maybe only then will society vow to change their attitude about the social media that scourges the human
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