How Does Someone Truly Convey Who They Are?

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How does someone truly convey who they are, simply through paper and pen? It is difficult to fully express what composes our character: the personal trials and courageous triumphs, the little quirks, and the purest passions. However, I have come to the realization that the best way to describe yourself is through the eyes of others. Therefore, my personality can be depicted through the conclusion of my friends. They say that Strawberries and Cream ice cream perfectly reflects my personality: bright, cheerful, and sweet. Furthermore, I wear many hats. I am not only a cheesy joke lover, but an avid bookworm, an outdoor enthusiast, a science nerd, a wannabe chef, a dancer, and a caring sister. Who I am is created through this compilation and the experiences I have led.
During my time in high school I have the amazing opportunity to hold several leadership positions. Through these experiences, I have gained the confidence to have a voice, giving me the opportunity to not only lead, but to serve. Within three years of joining Job’s Daughters International, I became the Honored Queen of my local chapter. During my term as Honored Queen, I revitalized our chapter by bringing in new members. I also led meetings using parliamentary procedure, and planned fun events and fundraisers. In addition, I had the opportunity to serve as Wisconsin’s Youth Hike Coordinator for a year. I raised not only awareness but also over $2,000 for the Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment Fund. This fund…
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