How Does Someone Truly Convey Who They Are?

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How does someone truly convey who they are, simply through paper and pen? It is difficult to fully express what composes our character: the personal trials and courageous triumphs, the little quirks, and the purest passions. However, I have come to the realization that the best way to describe yourself is through the eyes of others. Therefore, my personality can be depicted through the conclusion of my friends. They say that Strawberries and Cream ice cream perfectly reflects my personality: bright, cheerful, and sweet. Furthermore, I wear many hats. I am not only a cheesy joke lover, but an avid bookworm, an outdoor enthusiast, a science nerd, a wannabe chef, a dancer, and a caring sister. Who I am is created through this compilation and…show more content…
I had the honor of being able to present four checks during my year. Their beaming smiles made all the hard work worth it. This last year I held the state position of Miss Wisconsin Job’s Daughter. In this office, I worked as the head of promotion for the state, but also as a role model for the girls. During my term, it was my mission to instill confidence into the girls, encourage them to share their individual gifts and talents, and make them realize their importance. I learned the significance of supporting others, and that a kind word or action can make an impact. One of my duties as Miss Wisconsin Job’s Daughter was to run in the pageant for the title of Miss International Job’s Daughter. This rigorous competition lasted a week, and it consisted of an interview, a test, a public speaking portion, an impromptu question on stage and overall stage presence during the pageant itself. I competed against 32 girls from all over the United States, Brazil, the Philippines, Canada, and Australia. While I was one of the youngest competitors in the pageant, I received first place in the written test, second place in the public speaking portion, and overall won first runner-up. This was an amazing experience that exposed me to other cultures, taught me valuable communication skills, and gave me a plethora of lasting friendships around the world and memories. I am also very active within my school’s
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