How Does Soot Affect The Coal Industry

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"For too long the coal industry has used our atmosphere like a sewer for its airborne pollution," says a website Coal when burned releases harmful gases, and humans are being affected by this airborne pollution. In the USA there are more than 40% of people who live in areas with unhealthy levels of air pollution. Many doctors say inhaling these harmful gases could possibly lead to death. Many doctors say that inhaling these gases is like giving your lungs a sunburn. The effects of inhaling these gases have caused premature death, lung damage, and have even been connected to cause heart attacks.

As we keep using these hazardous resources, the biggest threat to being affected by them are the children of the areas
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Soot is a black powdery flaky substance, and the soot mixes with the atmosphere causing many to breathe it in. Soot is very dangerous to breathe, thus causing schools and companies to close. Soot can be controlled, stronger soot control could remake more than half of those closed days.

Many species of animals are also being killed from coal pollution. Coal produces acid rain, Acid rain is a rainfall made acidic. As acid rain hits the earth it spreads to many different environments and reaching ground water thus making them very dangerous to those animals. As acid rain mixes with water it causes many aquatic species to die. Acid rain caused 75 percent of acidic lakes and 50 percent of acidic streams.

The future of our world depends on two things. One is the protection of the children, as these fossil fuels and non-renewable resources are used we will not experience the consequences but our children will. The second being the protection of the earth. With this harmful resource, we are just using it as a dumping ground with these killer chemicals, gases, and much more. As time goes on the earth can only take so much, and with resources becoming more abundant we better figure something
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