How Does Stalin Deserve The Great Purges

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During the 1930’s, Stalin ordered large-scale purges, targeting anyone who displayed even the slightest sign of being a threat to the government. The government was able to identify these people through family members or close friends who informed on them. With this, people no longer expressed their true opinions and instead conformed with the government’s ideas in fear of persecution (“Purges and Praises”). About 20 million people that were suspected of performing “anti-Soviet activities” were executed, sent to Gulag labor camps, or forced them to take part in a show trial, where they would be forced plead guilty publicly to inconceivable crimes that they had never committed (Gracheva). Many officials and military leaders were also executed after being convicted of treason. It is estimated that one thirds of the Communist Party’s three million members were put to death during the Great Purge. However, the traces of the people that were murdered were eliminated after the government rewrote history books and doctored photographs to exclude them. Additionally, members of the NKVD, the Soviet secret police, were killed at the end of the Great Purges, so that the people that had known too much about this event would be eliminated.
In order for the Soviet government to unify its citizens, it had to overcome the vast cultural differences that were
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As an autocratic ruler, Stalin aimed to consolidate power and eliminate opposition. Stalin and the state seized total control of the media: dictating what people say, read, and heard. Those who attempted to do otherwise were imprisoned or sent to labor camps(“Joseph Stalin”). Under the rule of Stalin, there was no religious freedom. Churches were shut down and church leaders were arrested or executed. The reasoning behind this was that anyone who worshipped God was a challenge to those who worshipped Stalin through his "personality cult"
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