How Does Stress Affect Young Children

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Abstract: If young children are born into a world of struggle, they begin to understand the characteristics of those who care for them. From those characteristics, they start learning how to behave. This is the foundation of two-generation interventions for young children. The research that is discussed in this article emphasizes that relationships are critical to regulating children who are considered to be at risk. This article talks about how young children can be molded into a more effective way of thinking. The Fisher and Dozier studies both emphasize solidifying young children's concept of their security in relationships by improving caregivers' reaction and reducing their stress. Young children's early relationships seem to be the most important piece for shaping individual differences in stress. It mainly teaches them how to react and deal with their stress. These early relationships can affect young children in several ways. Unpacking these diverse relational…show more content…
There are two types of stress that affect the human body. They are categorized as: eustress and distress. Eustress has a positive effect, while distress has a negative effect. Not every individual handles stress the same way. As we develop throughout our life, we are forcibly taught ways to react to the amount of stress life gives us. Children are taught how to react to the stressors of life by their environment, parents, and many other factors that contribute. An article by, Ross A. Thompson entitled, “Stress and Child Development” explains why the author thinks that children are taught to handle stress by their environment. Essentially it is more than just their parents teaching them how to cope with stress but their surroundings have a major influence. The main point of the article emphasizes that the plasticity of the developing brain and other biological systems, the neurobiological response to chronic stress can be buffered and even
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