How Does Stress Affect Your Personality?

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From traditional letters to email, horse and buggy to automobiles, and women’s corsets to denim jeans, our world is continually changing. How we handle and adapt to change has astronomical effects on us as individuals and those around us. The way one handles change, i.e. stress, also has an effect on how one is able to learn. Learning is the critical aspect of change. Schein identifies “learning anxiety” as a resultant of having to change (Coutu, 2002). The interrelationship of learning and change, as well as the body’s response to the resultant stress, are worthy of study. First, I will look at the types of change and then I will discuss the Kolb Learning Style which assists with understanding the learning cycle. Last, I will examine a personality test and my personal results and continuing on to how stress can affect one’s personality.
In order for change to occur, one must be open to think, do, or feel something different. Guskey (2014) disagrees. He suggests that change occurs only after one has seen the benefit of
0the change. Thus, for Guskey, there is an element of compliance or forced action that accompanies change. There are many types of change as well as many dynamics to change. For example, when change is implemented in the workforce, trust is needed. During a company’s change effort, a lack of trust can create a barrier. When introducing change into the workplace; establishing a context for change, providing guidance, and providing support will ease…
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