How Does Stress Help Facilitate Potential Positive Outcomes For Outdoor Adventure Education And Adventure Therapy Participants?

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How does interacting with nature effect brain physiology, facilitating improved stress responses and overall mental and physical health within wilderness and nature based therapy programs? How does stress help facilitate potential positive outcomes for outdoor adventure education and adventure therapy participants?
Understanding stress and how it effects overall health Stress arises as a transaction between person and environment, it begins as an imbalance between demand, either physical or psychological, and response capability under conditions where failure to meet demands has important consequences, likely resulting in a loss. Stress can bring out our best performance or it can cause people to crumple under pressure. Therefore an
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Lack of support and resources during trying times as well as abusive relationships makes comping much more difficult. The quality of relationships can potentially have a strong impact on individual’s ability to cope with and recover from stressful situations as well as improve overall quality and extend lifespans.
Mental wellness The amount and quality of stress pays a large part in mental wellness. Too little stress can result in underdevelopment of mental capabilities. Appropriate levels of challenge and stimulation contribute to improved development affecting multiple areas of life while too much stress hinders motivation and development. This kind of stress is often the result of demanding tasks and situations with too few resources and a lack of ability to make decisions or influence the situation. Over stress of this type can lead to burn out and in some cases can contribute to problems such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.
Techniques for managing stress There are many methods and theories for managing stress. They range from applying cognitive intervention, involving reframing our point of view, asking for help, and working on communication skills to learning to relax using meditation, biofeedback, progressive relaxation and even laughter. Exercise and activities such as yoga have also been shown to have a positive impact on stress levels.
How nature effects
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