How Does Supplemental Aid Affect Children's Learning

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First off, the needs of students are very important to their learning and academic achievement. The resources available to students in these cases could have the greatest effect on a child’s learning. In any case the benefits of services made available like supplementary aids and universal design for learning, inclusion, IEP and collaborating with a parent in the developing IEPS all work together to create the best need for a child to learn and is crucial to a child’s development. With the right help, accommodation and parent support a child can function in a classroom of their peers. Disable children deserve the support and at the same time they deserve to be treated the same as their peers. Putting a child in general education without the…show more content…
For example, my nephew is partially deaf and his hearing aid helps him to hear things more clearly. What his hearing aid does not allow him to hear he is able to interpret from his teacher with the use of sign language. This allows him to get all the tools needed to be successful as the other students. I believe student that learn with their peers have higher self-esteem, and feel better about themselves. A good example of supplemental aid is a child in a wheel chair and ramps are where they are needed. This student is in a regular class because their disability does not prevent them from learning at the same rate as her peers. The student grades can even be better their peers. Because this child was giving all the aid and universal design they needed to be successful academically. The benefit of this was the child preform as their peers, build confidence and in my opinion was able to feel like they were not too different than the other children. I also believe this is a great example of inclusion in the classroom. Disability student among their peers. Student are not treated different due to their disability but are giving support to help achieve their academic goals. This can be done by modifying lessons like reading out loud
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