How Does Technology Affect Our Lives?

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To work, to cook, to communicate, and teach all require the use of some form of technology. For example, the average college student wakes up to an alarm, uses a bathroom with running water, then steps into an operational mode of transportation; these are all major uses of technology that most do not even consider. It is refutable that one uses minimum technology when almost everything requires it. In fact, people do not consider the real positives of technology rather they just see what they want to see. Although some believe that technology is separating people and making them become less social, the opposite is actually occurring because of the way technology and the human race have developed to adapt with each other through networking…show more content…
This communication strengthener may be viewed as a barrier instead due to those results. In spite of these arguments, technology has brought people closer than one could imagine. It has positively impacted tiresome and rough lives to make it just a little bit easier. In some way or another, technology not only improves the lives of people but can also save it. According to Pew Research Center, the average person texts 50 or more messages a day (Smith). These messages are sent to a tower, then a satellite, and to the directed person within 2 seconds (Smith). This does not just only help the average teenager trying to reach her friend, but also people in trouble who are attempting to contact the authorities. Dialing 911 is the age-old way to contact your local police department, but now technology has made your safety and wellbeing even simpler than that to protect. According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, websites and phone applications have now given the opportunity for partners of violence, college students living away from home, and senior citizens more of a safety belt. lists a few phone apps that will guard you. The program runs tasks such as recording last location, dialing for friends, family, and the police at the tap of a finger, and an in-app defense that sets out a siren from your device if in danger. In addition, the
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