How Does Technology Change The World Changing Technology Work?

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In 2013, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Massachusetts General Hospital (Mass. General) teamed up to change the world. They developed new technology that would not only take more detailed x-ray images, but also take images of soft tissue that would not have to be enhanced with some form of contrast. This new technology “could make x-rays ubiquitous, because of its higher resolution, the fact that the dose would be smaller and the hardware smaller, cheaper, and more capable than current x-rays”, says Luis Velasquez-Garcia, one of the main research scientist of this technology at MIT. So how does this new world changing technology work?
According to the developers, the key is in the coherent beam. The beam is reduced to a micro-sized point source instead of the systems that we have today, which are large points. These micro-sized point sources, which emit a beam of electrons individually, “pass through a micro structured plate that emits a beam of x-ray”, aka image receptor. In layman teams they are redeveloping the cathode component of an x-ray machine, to be able operate to with an “optimized cathode chip”. With the prototype that the two research teams have invented so far, they have been “able to capture high-resolution absorption images of samples where fine soft tissue structures are clearly visible”. This may sound like a great “change the world technology” but it is not without its pros and cons.
One pro that came to mind when reading the article
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