How Does Television Affect Kids Today?

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Sarah Wenzl
Ms. Carlson
Research Methods
Hour: 2
19 April 2015
How Does Television Affect Kids Today? As a child wakes up every morning, their first action of the day, is to usually walk downstairs and click on the television and the parent usually wakes up to the sound of their child’s favorite television show blasting throughout their house. And as the parent walks down the stairs, the child is sitting in front of the television both eyes glued to the screen and the parents begin to think about how much time they have to themselves in the morning. But in that time that the parent is using for themselves; the child is being entertained by the television; that television maybe entertaining the child but it could be possibly hurting their development. This has lead researchers, and health practitioners to invesigate how these changes may be influencing children’s development. The television could be more harmful than anyone could ever realize for a number of reasons The important thing to recognize the relationships between the television and children’s development, is influential. These developmental problems can include giving false hopes, making kids less intelligent, hiding adult humor in the dialogue. The level of influence however, varies on the age of the child because of the way they are developing. And because they are still developing, they can give kids things like false hope, making them less intelligent, and hiding adult humor in dialogue. Most children
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