How Does Tennyson Reveal Character In The Lady Of Shalott

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1. How does Lord Tennyson reveal character in "The Lady of Shalott"? Is she a fully developed character?
The characters are revealed with a long introduction into the people we are about to meet. The Lady of Shalott shows depth of personality and she is a fully developed character.

2. Describe the setting of the poem. Remember to comment on both the island and the surrounding countryside, and on the time in which the poem is set. How essential is the setting to the poem?
There is a river that runs between Shalott and Camelot. There is wheat and barley that covers an open area of land. There is a well-traveled road that leads to Camelot, there are willow trees and aspen trees. There are four grey towers and four grey walls that surround the Lady inside.

3. Why is the mirror so important to her? Do you think the mirror might have any symbolic significance? If so, what?
The mirror is in her connection to the outside world. She sees all the people who travel the road. The significance of the mirror is that while it does give her the ability to see the outside world, the images are dark and unrecognizable. What I take from this is that in her solitude, she is still unable to make connections with people even through a magic mirror.

4. What is the curse that lies upon the Lady? Does she know what the curse is?
The nature of the curse that was laid upon the lady was never fully discussed. The basic concept of the curse is that if she stops weaving her magic web then the curse could possibly kill her

5. How is Lancelot described in the poem? Look at the words used to describe him. What does this suggest about his character? In what way is he a contrast to the Lady of Shalott?
His shield has a red-cross knight kneeling before his lady, his horse bridle is filled with jewels, and bells he has a specially decorated, belt across his shoulder and carrying a silver bugle. His forehead glows in the sunlight, his charcoal locks flow out from under his helmet. In comparison to the lady who is a recluse Lancelot is very open and engaging to the people around him.

6. What happens to the Lady? How does Lancelot react to her death? How is her death symbolic?
The Lady finally breaks her chains, the loneliness too much for her

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