How Does Texting Affects Spelling

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Teenagers who frequently use 'techspeak' when they text performed poorly on a grammar test, said Drew Cingel, a former undergraduate student in communications at Penn State.
'Techspeak' inclusdes shortcuts, homophones and the ommission of non-essential letters, such
When tweens write in techspeak, they often use shortcuts, such as homophones, acronyms and omissions of non-essential letters such as 'wud' for 'would.'
But researchers say the texting is having a detrimental effect on normal rules of grammar.
Mr Cingel gave middle school students in a central Pennsylvania school district a grammar test and also asked them how often they sent text messages.

"Overall, there is evidence of a decline in grammar scores based on the number of
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No wonder, acronyms won't teach them that.

Have a look at this awesome infographic from Online Schools to see how texting really affects grammar. I personally do not agree with a lot of the `positive points `mentioned about texting here but you might have a different stance.

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It’s one of those things that happen as a blogger; you remember writing a post about a particular subject and then consign yourself to not revisiting it for a while. Well, somehow it’s been the best part of three years since I last wrote about text messaging, so I think it’s finally time for a spiritual part two to May, 2010’s ‘Why texting is good for the English language.’
In the time that has passed since I last wrote about texting, debate has continued to rage among the academic community about the effects of text messaging on English grammar (and other grammars too, I’d imagine). According to one particularly

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