How Does The Change Affect Our Environment?

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Although to our lives it may not seem like the world has changed much at all, the truth is the world has changed greatly and will continue to change. Why does the world change? Well, the simple answer is it’s in human nature to change and adapt, to innovate and move the next generation into something better. To understand how much the world the world has changed and how it will affect us, now and in the future. We must look to the past first, we will see how the population has grown and how if this continues we will not be able to sustain our finite amount of resources. Then we will discuss how the regional density has changed and how this will continue to have negative consequences on the environment and mankind. After that, we will consider how life expectancy has increased and how this results in more people being alive around at the same time and how this has started to affect our resources. These factors above are the result of human innovation and how humanity is continuously improving itself. However, these improvements aren’t changing the world in the most positive way, population growth, regional density, and life expectancy are causing the finite amount of resource we have, to deteriorate along with the quality of the environment. More people means, more food, water, and more pollution because more resources are being expended. The world population is growing at an extremely fast rate due to innovation in a variety of fields like health and medical research and…
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