How Does The Control Of Production Mean For The Media Produced?

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How does “the space of possibilities” (Bourdieu 1983) both theoretically and physically, define the media, medium, and message that is produced within it? What does the act of production mean for the media produced?
Media, through technology and its use by agents in social and material production, operates on a local and a global level through its production and dissemination. This creates spaces in which roles and agendas can be played out to the conclusion of an end product. This end product, however, is not only the produced media, but the anticipated reception of the consumer and the after-effects of the content specifically targeted by the producers or more generally as a consumable thing by a wider audience. Whether we talk about the local or the global, something that shouldn’t be discounted is the cultural accumulation and dispersion that takes place in both spaces in practice. Hannerz writes, “culture is learned and acquired in social life” (Hannerz 1998: 8), “it is somehow integrated” (ibid), and “these collectivities” (ibid), are “affected by interconnectedness in space” (ibid). The third point is the most important when we talk about the global, as the global has become created and defined by the interconnectedness it inevitably generates.
This essay will examine the ‘spaces’ within media production, which facilitate and constrain that production, especially “the space of possibilities” (Bourdieu 1983), or as Foucault named it the “field of strategic…
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