How Does The Environment Play A Role?

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How does the environment play a role in learning? Something’s you will need to know about learning and the environment are; Ways of Learning now and Learning 20 years ago, Research done on learning and disorders, Distractions and learning tools in the environment, and Types of learning at different ages. These topics will make you want to dig deeper into your brain to find out how the environment plays a role in your learning. I have conducted a little visual research myself by looking at my children’s schools now versus what I had in my school twenty years ago. Today my children go to public schools just like myself one is in Pre-K and my oldest is in second grade. Both of their school has lots of technology to teach them how to read,…show more content…
In twenty years from no technology will bigger and better and it will continue to get better. There are also some cons of technology and how kids today learn versus 20 years ago. One is everything is hands off, like writing a paper in word it will make corrections for you. Twenty years ago we had to write papers on note book paper and someone had to proof read it with a red pen. More and more classes are being conducted online or on computers because it is easier and more time efficient to buy computers to replace the teachers in the class. John Hopkins School of education stated this “Schools today care more about uniformity versus diversity.” (Guild, n.d.). This is one of the truest statements I have seen about learning today. Today’s learning styles are simplistic and an easy way to learn. Felder and Solomon defined learning styles in detail characterizing them into groups such as active versus reflective learners, sensing versus intuitive learners , visual versus verbal learners, and sequential versus global learners (Felder & Soloman, n.d.). Earlier years using the technology we had there were more active and verbal learners, now we have more reflective and visual. The worlds United States birth rates today for teenagers is very low in 2010 it was the lowest of any year since 1946 (Hamilton, & Ventura, 2012). With the birth rates being low for teenage women what cause the amount of disabilities’ to grow rapidly since the early 1990’s. In 1991
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