How Does The Gender Of The Teacher Affect Learning?

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How does the gender of the teacher affect learning? According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, in 2012 it was reported that 76 percent of public school teachers were female. Some theories suggest that the teacher’s gender has a large impact on how students learn. The idea is that the teacher gender shapes the relationship and communication between teacher and student. Teachers can also act as role models for that specified gender, even if he/she is not fit to be a role model. According to this theory students are often better behaved and perform better when taught by teachers of the same gender. A study done using the National Education Longitudinal Survey was conducted to see the effect of the teachers gender on students ‘ test scores. The study confirmed that teacher’s gender has effects on students test performance, teacher perceptions of students, and students’ engagement in the material being taught ( In a study conducted of 1,799,243 ACT-tested students more astonishing data was found that confirms the teacher gender theory.1 On average females had a higher Grade Point Average in English, Math, Social Science and Science as well as an overall GPA (Buddin, 2013). However grades are not given out by who is the smartest; attendance, homework, participation and behavior are all factors of many high school classrooms. So if a male student has a female teacher (which is very likely) he will not do as well as a female student in the same class because of
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