How Does The Growth Of The Internet Empower Consumers And Alter Relationship Between Marketers And Consumers

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“How does the growth of the internet empower consumers and alter the relationship between marketers and consumers?”

In today’s society, the internet and other digital media have completely altered the way in which we market products. For the customer, it provides them with a larger choice of products, services and prices available from various suppliers and the means to select and purchase items more readily.
With regards to marketing these products and services, it allows an organisation to branch out and expand into new markets, offer new services as well as apply new online communication techniques in order to equally compete with other larger businesses. (Chaffey, 2000)

The beginning of 2008 saw much being made in the press
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New objectives need to be set, new communication strategies developed and staff trained with regards to the new responsibilities and skills.

Organisations should develop an internet strategy when considering marketing via the internet. The interaction and integration between internet channels and traditional channels is a key part of internet strategy development. An internet marketing strategy is essentially a channel marketing strategy which needs to integrate with other channels as part of multi channel marketing. In order to be successful, an effective internet marketing strategy should:

Be aligned with the business strategy but with more specific annual business priorities and initiatives.
Have clear objectives for the development of the brand and the business, the online contribution of leads and sales for the internet and other digital channels.
Be consistent with the types of customers who use and can be effectively reached through the channel.
Define a compelling, differential value proposition for the channel which must be effectively communication to consumers.
Specify the mix of online and offline communication tools used to attract visitors to the organisations website or interact with the brand through digital media such as emailing or mobile.
Use digital channels along with other channels to support the customers journey through the buying process as they select and purchase products.
Manage the online
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