How Does The Growth Of The Internet Empower Consumers And Alter Relationship Between Marketers And Consumers

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“How does the growth of the internet empower consumers and alter the relationship between marketers and consumers?”

In today’s society, the internet and other digital media have completely altered the way in which we market products. For the customer, it provides them with a larger choice of products, services and prices available from various suppliers and the means to select and purchase items more readily.
With regards to marketing these products and services, it allows an organisation to branch out and expand into new markets, offer new services as well as apply new online communication techniques in order to equally compete with other larger businesses. (Chaffey, 2000)

The beginning of 2008 saw much being made in the press regarding the increase in global brands now switching advertising budgets away from traditional media and onto the internet. This was very significant as it saw online advertising coming of age, following it being dismissed for several years as being a real alternative to the established media used to host ads. (Charlesworth, 2009)

Chaffey (2000) urges that’s with the recent success of companies capturing market share together with the increasing adoption of the internet by consumers and businesses, it has become a fast-growing realisation that in order to prosper and survive within the current market, organisations must have an effective internet presence.

An organisation must recognise that they need to adopt a range of different marketing…
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