How Does The Human Brain React?

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Its a mystery how the human brain reacts and gives our senses what it needs to respond in an everyday life circumstance. If you look at how a human is made, from one single cell, and then is slowly multiplied into something that creates habits and learns skills, retaining the little things to build to the bigger things; it is incredible how everything lines up to make up the different memory sensor’s in our brain to make sense of the world. In life we never know what is going to happen and the fact that as we go throughout life our brain is able to keep up and attach thoughts, motions, and ideas to allow us to respond in the proper way is an extreme credit to God and how intricate our brain is. “Our minds detect and process information without our awareness.” (pg. 56-57) This statement proves so much into how our brain is able to function while we, most of the time, mindlessly walk throughout life. Our brain predicts what may be a possible outcome and prepares us to react before we even know we are going to react. It is still a mystery, as to how children can absorb language and information so quickly, while actually being able to retain it. This so called simple task for children is not so simple for adults. It has been seen that adults have a lot more trouble at learning a new language than a child. “Moreover, they, and we, do so with minimal comprehension of we do it— how we, when speaking, monitor our muscles, order our syntax, watch out for semantic catastrophes
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