How Does The Image Of The Panopticon Help Describe How Power Work?

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1. According to Foucault, what’s the intended impact of the panopticon on individuals? The intended impact of the panopticon is to create a sense of vigilance on individuals that would make them think twice before committing a crime like they would be under a state of mind that they are always being watched.
2. How does the image of the panopticon help describe how power works? The image of the panopticon helps describe how power works because there is a person in the middle watching everything while remaining invisible. This relates to how power works because power its like influencing individuals to follow a set of rules without causing them harm because its embedded in the people to know that they have to follow rules.
3. According to the Foucault excerpt, what’s the significance of visibility (surveillance) for the operation of power? The significance of visibility for the operation of power is that people would think that any person is watching them at every moment it could be their families, so the person wont commit any crimes. This is the operation of power because the power of thinking that someone could catch them committing a crime would stop them, so the idea of power is indirect because they idea of being caught influence them to think twice before committing any crime.
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How does McSwuggen’s critique relate to the excerpt from Foucault? McSwuggen’s critique relates to Foucault`s excerpt because it demonstrates how the different products or designs change the way we act and think, as McSwuggen stated how in the Victorian Age servants were put into different house with bad quality furniture to make them see that they were inferior to their masters. This portrays the idea of power being used indirectly, by making the servants stay in low-end houses and equipment is like a remainder that they are lesser than their masters. The people that designed the products are influencing the way we thing, so they are the watchers and we are the

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