How Does The Implementation Of Graphic Organisers Impact Student Learning With Regard?

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Everyone loves a good story! : Using graphic organisers to scaffold a narrative.


Research Question
How does the implementation of graphic organisers impact student learning with regard to a text type in literacy?


Literature Review
Graphic organisers used in writing a narrative are a visual cue for ordering information. To full understand the purpose of graphic organisers in classrooms it is useful to break the term down and look at the defintions of both ‘graphic’ and ‘organiser’. The term graphic can be described as an adjective and means ‘clear’ (2014). While the term organiser can be defined as a person or a thing used for organising. (2014, Cambridge Dictionary Online)
The text type of
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Teaching Practices
Educators use the term graphic organisers which refers to a range of devices such as concept maps, mind webs, semantic maps, knowledge maps and tables. (O 'Donnell, 2012, p. 335) Effective writing programs use both modelled, guided and independent teaching strategies to help students comprehend and become successful in their creative writing (NSW Department of Education and Training Curriculum Support Directorate).
Graphic organisers can be implemented into this cycle which can be best described as ‘I do’, ‘We do’ and ‘You do’ (Christian, 2014). For the first stage of ‘I do’ a graphic organiser can be selected by the teacher and displayed to the class, modelling ways of note taking and using the sections of the organiser to list ideas for further development in the writing task. Modelled writing means both modelling to students how to write and selecting models such as a graphic organiser to demonstrate how writing works (NSW Department of Education and Training Curriculum Support Directorate). The teaching strategy of ‘we do’ would involve the class making decisions with the guidance of the teacher about what graphic organiser to use and what points they think should be included in the organiser before jointly constructing a narrative. Finally, students can independently select and complete their own individual graphic organisers, known as ‘I do’, before then going on to write their own stories. Students
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