How Does The Lamb Make The Tyger

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character who is very loving and giving to the Lamb. The lamb represents the children of God and how all of God’s children will get a life, clothing, food, and all the necessities, which Blake talks about in the first verse. Where in the poem regarding the tyger, it’s not so much God being shown as it is Satan. Satan is represented through the tyger in the poem. He is dark, cruel, hot, and deadly. But at the end of the poem, Blake asks did the creator of the lamb also make the tyger? This is the line that really pulled the connection of the two together. In my religion we are taught that God made Heaven and Hell and if that is what Blake is talking about in this poem then he is suggesting that basically the lamb is the people who follow and represent God, such as Jesus. Whereas…show more content…
A few of the connections I noticed were between, To a Mouse and The Lamb. The main similarity that I saw was, both the poems was the way they talked about nature and innocence. They explain how the lamb and the mouse are both deserving of good things and they revolve around nature. However in the poem about the mouse, it mainly explains how things are being taken away where in the poem about the lamb, everything is being given to it. With the connections I noticed with the other two poems, To a Louse and The Tyger, I saw that both of the main subjects are almost used as an example of something bad. The tyger is seen as this evil character that is supposed to be deadly and consumes fire and the louse is something that ruins people’s hair and gives them the aspect of being dirty. Both of the characters as seen as something that is wrong. Where they differ is that this louse is something people can get rid of and the tyger is there to stay. After seeing these connections and differences between the poems, I was really shown that these
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