How Does The Minimum Wage Affect The Economy

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The Social Institution of Economy
Minimum wage is not enough to support a family, not even to support yourself. Everyone in the lower class knows the hardships that come with poverty and the minimum wage job that comes with it. The fact that most of the money is going to the top one percent, just shows their greed and their selfishness not trying to share enough of the wealth with their workers who have to get another job just for them to live a stable life. That is why, the movement, Fight For $15 is so important because the poor is now starting to fight back against the ruling class of America. The social inequality of class is really visibly shown as people who are living in poverty are politically fighting to get their salary raised up to fifteen dollars an hour. As the success of the movement grows, an article from the New York Times is explaining why the movement is becoming so successful, it also exposes the greed of the top one percent as they criticize the movement.
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“In the years since the protests began, corporations and retailers including Wal-Mart, McDonald's, Ikea, Gap and T.J. Maxx have agreed to raise wages for the bottom rung of workers.”1 Cities such as Los Angeles are starting to take notice and making changes to the minimum wage to the magical number of fifteen. As the movement gets more and more successful, the social inequality of classes are becoming more equal. The discussion of raising the minimum wage is being more popular, candidates for running or rerunning any public office are listening to the voice of the poor and are acting to make their lives better, breaking down walls of social inequality. Candidates such like Bernie Sanders, are supporting to raise the minimum wage and “The governor of New York and the mayor of Pittsburgh issued orders Tuesday that will lead to a $15 minimum wage for all government
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