How Does The Reading Affects Us On The Individual Level Essay

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Coming into UCWR 110, I never had a class that focused strictly on writing and techniques for writing different papers. Throughout the semester, the growth in developing main ideas, thesis, and analytical analysis has improved. From this class, the growth in writing has not only improved not only writing skills, but the reading involved in the class has presented itself in different mediums, as well as different genres and topics, all adding to a more holistic approach to rhetoric. So from here, I see us on a continuing path of perfecting the craft of writing and to implement the techniques learned in this class to other classes, and in the professional workplace one day. More importantly, the class has conveyed how to read, write and participate responsibly beyond the classroom setting. Throughout every reading we read in the semester, we debunked what the author was saying, thought about the deeper meaning of the piece, how the reading affects us on the individual level, but also on a more macro scale. An example would be Bloom’s article, “The Baby in the Well” which discussed the slippery slope regarding what reliability should be defined by, and how relateability coincides with action. Overall, the course has taught us to close read, or to look at the fine details of a piece of reading. This reflects a responsible reader beyond the classroom, because writing is biased, with different perspectives and different views, and it’s the responsibility of the reader to be able
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