How Does The Ripple Effect Sexual Violence?

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According to the end credits of the film Audrie & Daisy, “Young people 12-19 years-old experience the highest rates of rape and sexual violence in the United States. 68% of sexual assaults are never reported to the police, and 98% of perpetrators will never spend a day in prison.” I found these statistics and the film to be incredibly shocking and devastating. To recap the film, Audrie & Daisy is about the true stories of young women whose sexual assaults have been caught on camera. The film also examines the ripple effects sexual violence has on the victims’ families, friends, schools, and their communities. The film brought up a lot of emotions for me, I found myself crying the majority of the film because I felt helpless in the moment…show more content…
Valenti, “If we don't approve of the porn culture that tells us our only value isn’t our ability to be sexy, we’re prudes. If we accept and embrace it, we’re sluts. There is no middle ground to be seen.” This quote reminded me of the pressure Audrie and her friend faced to send nude pictures to their peers. Many young girls are under extreme influence to look good and I find this absolutely sexist and a form of objectification, and harassment. Images in the media can add on additional pressure and it is ruining girls lives because they are forced to look perfect. The Lexicon Debates: Bodies, describes women’s bodies as material objects to “be looked at” and subject to male…show more content…
It is important to remember that sexual violence can happen to anyone regardless of age, race, class, gender, or sexual identity. An example using contemporary society would be societies expectation put on women and trans women. There is an expectation for women and trans women to look feminine at all times because it is “socially expected” as a women. Trans women also have to fit themselves in the perfect ideal gender expression. I find it frustrating that we have to change our bodies and behavior to protect ourselves from violence. We should never have to defend our womanhood for someones valid
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