How Does The Spleen Affect The Liver

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The lungs are connected with the skin and are ruled by the heart, they nourish the skin and hair and strengthens the Kidney. The lungs control the liver. Cold injures the lungs, in the five elements lungs are metal which is associated with the season of autumn.
The Liver is connected with the tendons and is ruled by the Lungs, The Liver nourishes the muscles and strengthens the Heart. Liver controls the Spleen. Wind injures the liver, in the five elements the liver is wood which is associated with spring.
The Spleen is connected with the flesh and is ruled by the Liver, The Spleen nourishes the flesh and strengthens the Lungs. The spleen controls the kidney. Damp injures the spleen, in the five elements the spleen is earth which is associated
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