How Does The Use Multiple Perspectives Change Your Understanding Of The Characters And Plot

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Autumn Journals Mary Yocum How does the use of multiple perspectives change your understanding of the characters and plot in this section? The first part of this section is told by Claudia. In this part she describes her early memories and what it was like to grow up for her. In her description the reader starts to get an idea of how life for the black characters was at that time. Claudia tells about how she encounters the idealized standard of white beauty, both from her perspective as a child and later in life. The reader is able to see Claudia’s confusion with society’s ideals and how she reacted to them as a child, with hate towards the ideal. Then Claudia’s view as an adult who fully understands the ideals gives the reader a wider view of her experiences as a child. By writing this part from Claudia’s perspective, child and adult, the author lets the reader understand how life was for Black Americans in a society that was idealized towards the white middle class. The next part of the section is told from the viewpoint of a narrator. In this section the reader is introduced to the Breedlove family. It stars by describing the store front where the Breedloves live. This gives the reader an idea of how poor and looked down upon the Breedloves are. In their society owning their house and keeping it clean is everything to a black family. The Breedloves do not own their house, nor is it well taken care of. It is described as dirty and grey, ignored by those who pass it by.
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