How Does The Views Of Lgbtiq Change Over Time Across The Globe?

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GP Essay New Changing Communities How does the views of LGBTIQ change over time across the globe? The everlasting discussions and debates about the LGBTIQ group has gotten more popular as awareness is given to the variations of sexual orientation and gender identity. According to The Free Dictionary, LGBTIQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer/ Questioning, which represents the group of people with sexual orientations or gender identities different from the heterosexual or cisgender majority. The reasons of this anomaly have been explained and accepted by many scientists that it is not a choice but rather a biological and unchangeable feature from birth.[1] The irrational fear of, aversion to, or…show more content…
Moreover, as the churches has gotten so powerful, it would have been quite unlikely to not follow the guidelines set by the churches. During the early periods of society, where the society needs the population to develop, the ability to reproduce is valued greatly. Anything that is against it is spontaneously seen as evil. The lack of understanding during that time period made homosexuality exotic therefore fearful for the general public, which might be the cause of churches linking homosexuality as sinful. However, even in a country where Christianity is the dominant religion, people’s views towards homosexuality has altered drastically. Modern acts supporting homosexuality is very dominant. Acts supporting homosexuality such as Christopher Street Liberation Day and LGBT Pride Month is celebrated annually, Western countries being one of the first, just according to this 统计. The Western countries (Europe, North America and Oceania) are the ones to accept homosexuality first. This might because that the economics has advanced dramatically in Western countries (MEDCs) so people are more educated, therefore thinking rationally and scientifically about homosexuality and acknowledging that it is a normal. This drastic improvement can be shown by laws legalizing homosexual marriage, which the Western countries already have done. However, in Asia and Africa this trend is slower as the economy is less developed so people are less educated
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