How Does The Writer Achieve To Close The Gap Between Themselves And The Reader

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Flower believes that a competent writer must achieve to close the gap between themselves and the reader. The writer cannot close on themselves because they must reach their own knowledge. The writer determines the reader’s needs are by adapting to the reader’s “language” and knowledge on particular subjects. In addition, the writer must contextualize to help solve a problem or to develop an opinion. In essence, the writer has to suite the reader's attitude and knowledge for them to create an imagine of what the writer’s overall meaning and lesson.

2. Attitude is a way of thinking or feeling about a particular thing, that is impacted by one’s behavior. Knowledge is information gained through education showing understanding of the topic. Information can add onto people’s knowledge of a particular subject that results in a change of attitude about it. It is important for writers to learn about the difference due to gauge the audience away from their biases through certain attitudes on topics in order to acquire knowledge. The reader will keep having a certain opinion on the topic (showed by their attitude)if they're not educated.
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In paragraph 4, Flower opens up how particular words veils positive and negative meaning. One can begin to question how does the positive and negative meanings come take toll. The affiliations that corresponds to a word can be influenced due to certain experiences or knowledge on the word. In addition, many people can begin repetitively take on usage of particular word that binds to a certain scenario such as “awkward,” which can be negative due to the tone and body language one may have. An example, is the word “politician.” One can assume that word is negative due to negative experiences that occurs such as politician misrepresenting them or not taking action for promised
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