How Does The Wto Resolve Trade Disputes?

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1. How does the WTO resolve trade disputes? How is the WTO’s dispute settlement mechanism different from the GATT’s dispute settlement process? “Any member can file a complaint with the World Trade Organization against another member they believe is dumping, unfairly subsidizing or violating any other trade agreement. If the WTO decides the case is valid, it has the authority to levy sanctions on the offending country. The staff will then investigate to see if a violation of any multilateral agreements has taken place. Normally, staff try to settle disputes through consultations,” Stated by Kimberly Amadeo (US Economy Expert). These approximate periods for each stage of a dispute settlement procedure are target figures - the agreement is flexible. In addition, the countries can settle their dispute themselves at any stage. Totals are also approximate. 60 Days Consultations, mediation, etc 45 Days Panel set up and panelists appointed 6 Months Final panel report to parties 3 Weeks Final panel report to WTO members 60 Days Dispute Settlement Body adopts report (if no appeal) Total=1 Years (without appeal) 60-90 Days Appeals report 30 Days Dispute Settlement Body adopts appeals report Total=1Y3M (with appeal) WTO Dispute Settlement Process The GATT’s main function was not to resolve trade disputes, which is different from WTO, but rather to provide a set of rules that countries could at least publicly declared that they follow, therefore giving all signatories to the agreement
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