How Does This Generation Fight For Freedom?

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Generation after generation, children have taken advantage of the freedom their previous generations have earned for them. The amount of labor that older generations did for racial freedom is so grand that the younger generations do not deserve it all. Rather, newer generations must be able to show they are capable of upholding their rights. Kids these days look back and scoff at how much work their predecessors did for every bit of freedom they got, and they only preoccupy themselves with mindless activities. That is why I believe that each generation should earn its racial freedom, to show its worthiness to the world. With this new idea in play surely, we can make America great again. Taking away all racial freedoms and making the current generations work for it, will truly start shaping people into hard working men and women. The world is in the technology age where everything is done with very little effort, laziness is creeping in like a deadly shadow. Coretta Scott King says that "Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation." However, the current generations of children do not know what real labor is like and need to learn, so that they may be able to earn it. With this idea in…show more content…
First off, many parents might argue that this will put too much pressure on their children, but remember that people of previous generations lived through it and developed into mature reliable adults. People were able to obtain freedom once before and there is faith that the newer and the more educated generation of today can do it as well. Secondly, today people say that they have earned these rights, but they really haven't if they did not battle for it. Generation after generation, people were discriminated, what gives these age groups anymore right to freedom than the others? In order to respect and value the rights passed on, I believe that we must fight for
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