Essay on How Does This Web Site Enhance Ups’s Competitive Position?

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1.How does this Web site enhance UPS’s competitive position? Change the way it conducts business? This Website enhances their competitive position by giving their customers the opportunity and facility to track their packages. This special feature of UPS allows their customers to be care free about their packages because they have the security that the package will arrive with no problems because they always know where the package is. Thus putting UPS on top of other parcel service delivery companies. This changes the way that they conduct business by offering a better and more secure service to their customers. 2.How does the site relate to UPS’s business strategy? How does it benefit UPS’s costumers? How is UPS becoming partners…show more content…
As the CEO of a Manufacturing Corporation, why might you want to turn to these services? How could they save you money, save you time, lower your costs, and increase your profits? Since UPS’s bottom line is to deliver packages worldwide each of these Business Solutions capabilities contribute to the main goal by offering their customers vast variety of options for shipping their businesses packages more easily. As a CEO of a Manufacturing Corporation I might want to turn to all these differences to make my shipping of the merchandise easily. This Business Solutions services make it easy to manage the shipping of goods by offering a vast variety of options like help to process returns, it has industry focus so you can easily just select your type of industry and just focus primarily on that. It offers the tracking services. It also has different kinds of deliveries like Domestic, International, or Global, etc. All of these capabilities could save money, time and increase profits by making everything easier. You can process shipping online and just schedule a pick-up time instead of going all the way to the UPS office and waste your time waiting in lines or waste your money in transportation and labor. These capabilities could also increase your profits by offering your customers better service. By using the tracking option your customers could be care free and always know were the packages are located with a click.

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