How Does Today 's Cio Make The Biggest Impact On Behalf Of The Entire Organization?

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In a fast-moving business environment, how can today’s CIO make the biggest impact on behalf of the entire organization?
Introduction of CIO:
CIO (Chief Information officer) is the person who handles the management and technology. He is head of the information technology planning and designing innovative processes. He is the capable for the development of company standards, technological architecture and evaluation, manages the client relationships, aligns information technology with the business and manages the finance of the client. They oversee to reinvest in the IT infrastructure, as well as in business and technology professionals.
Roles of CIO in an organization:
• Chief information officer works with all other executives in the company and plan the Business and financial goals.
• CIO develops a strategy to achieve those business goals and recommends the investment which will deliver measurable results.
• CIO evaluates and communicates risks associated with IT investments.
• CIO must balance the need for additional capacity against the risk of acquiring resources that may be underutilized at other times.
• Chief information officer manages information technology specialists team who operates IT resources and ensure that this team can manage the IT operations.
• CIO identifies the company’s investment of financial resources in IT systems and develops cost benefit analysis for IT spending.
• CIO communicates with the information technology specialists to develop…
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