How Does Today 's Cio Make The Biggest Impact On Behalf Of The Entire Organization?

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In a fast-moving business environment, how can today’s CIO make the biggest impact on behalf of the entire organization?
Introduction of CIO:
CIO (Chief Information officer) is the person who handles the management and technology. He is head of the information technology planning and designing innovative processes. He is the capable for the development of company standards, technological architecture and evaluation, manages the client relationships, aligns information technology with the business and manages the finance of the client. They oversee to reinvest in the IT infrastructure, as well as in business and technology professionals.
Roles of CIO in an organization:
Chief information officer works with all other executives in the
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• CIO supervises the staff and encourages them in the development within the budget boundaries.
• CIO is the responsible to work according to the service level agreement and responsible to work his team under that agreement and get good results.
• CIO defines the corporate plans, standards and polices of information technology for the organization growth and operation.
• CIO approves and controls the projects and team as they relate to the selection, development and installation of information systems.
TODAY’S IMPACT OF CIO ON BEHALF OF ENTIRE ORGANIZATION: In today’s environment CIO is the one of the few executives involved in all aspects of the business as well as technology. The role of CIO in the organization increasingly rapidly as per the development in the technology because the relationship between the technologies and the vendors increasing day by day. Now a day’s technology can be easily accessible than the decade ago by the vendor’s as well as the expectations on the organization is increasing more than the previous years. As a result CIO has to work hard and think innovatively to meet their expectations and the organization’s growth. Therefore, CIO has to concentrate more on the strategy to develop the technology.
CIO is responsible to make strategic plan on the business and technology of the project and has to prepare on the low financial budget of the project development and has to recommend that financial
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