How Does Today's Music Affect Society?

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How does today's music differs from previous generations. Today's music can barely be compared to music of the past. The artist of the past defined music in a positive way, for example; N.W.A, Tupac,Lauryn Hill,Nas, and The Notorious B.I.G. It is not only rap but rhythm and blues and poetry has changed. Rhythm and poetry used to be about explaining problems in society. What I mean are songs like,Fuck tha Police, Know Your Enemy, Sounds Of The Police, and Mystery of Iniquity.Those songs talk about the problem going on in society. Current rap is all about degrading women by calling them “bitches” or promoting or doing drugs, and new rappers talk about murder. Some of the freshman class of rappers you can not understand but it gets you hype for no reason. There are still some rappers with that old school mentality like Macklemore. In most of his songs he discuss the problems he sees in America, for example, “Same love,White Privilege 2 and Otherside .” Then the King of the South, T.I. deserves some credit especially with his songs, We Will Not and War Zone, which are about black lives but shown if it happen to a Caucasian. He used to talk about gangs and drugs but he really thought about and started using his brain and vocabulary to talk about what's going on in the black community. Going back to the old school rappers they talk about selling drugs to help support their family. While today's rapper acts as it's okay to do drugs. It's a shame.…show more content…
Back in the 90’s the rappers stayed close to what they had when they made it as a rapper. They might occasionally change up but they wore what they had to remember where they came from. Today rappers try to be something they are not when they dress. They want to look like their icon, which is nothing wrong but they over do it, they wear some ripped up clothes and call it fashion because that's what their icon
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