How Does Tolstoy Create An Internal Conflict Between War And Peace

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Many times in life we are caught between what is expected of us and what we desire. In Tolstoy’s War and Peace Natasha Rostov faces an internal conflict between her passion for love and the social role she plays in society as a member of the wealthy Rostov family. Throughout the novel the Rostov family is portrayed as a loving, friendly, and high-class family, Natasha, the youngest girl in the family, is expected to live up to a set of social standards as she courts with other members of the community, but she becomes troubled as she goes out to find herself. As Natasha transitions from a child to a young lady she has to decide between whether she will live her life devoted to her passion for love or her responsibilities within society. In the beginning of the novel, Tolstoy uses Natasha as an example of an innocent thirteen year old girl transitioning into a young lady, who only worries about enjoying her childhood and being happy. At first, we see Natasha in her childhood state that when she “could say no more: everything…show more content…
Although throughout her younger years Natasha is driven by her desire and passion for love for different men she soon has to be mature and make the decision of settling down and creating a family even though it's not what society expected of her at such a young age. “Natasha did not follow the golden rule preached by clever people… which says that a girl should not let herself go after marriage” (E.1.10.1346). After Natasha marries Pierre, she lets go of her desire to live a fun and extravagant life and instead “ … let her love for her husband and children exceed all bounds” (E.1.10.1346). As a result, Natasha completely resigns from society and focuses her life on caring for her family and her husband showing that in the end her desire for true love is stronger than her desire to conform to society’s
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