How Does Tomi Ungerer Use Animals In Scientific Illustration?

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Featured along side people and characters in illustration, animals have provided an avenue in which artist are able to express complex ideas. Although a rather comprehensive theme throughout art, animals have been used to convey a variety of subject matter throughout history, ranging from being an educational prop to devices in social commentary and personification. Scientific illustration, in an admittedly candid way, is a device in which animals are depicted simply for education and documentation without conceptual grounding. This sort of illustration particularly claimed prominence before the invention of photography, art provided an method so that anyone could be able to understand a creature they had never seen; the alternative to this, of course, being academic accounts of animals. Through illustration, one would gain access to what an animal on the other side of the world “look(ed) like and how its unusual features might function.” 1 This…show more content…
Similarly, Tomi Ungerer uses animals as characters in order to propel the stories he illustrates. However, his work presses the idea of anthropomorphism further than Tenniel, often focusing on grotesque and frequently creepy characters. By portraying an animals commonly thought of as evil as a relatable persona, he is given the opportunity to shifts a child’s perception. The Mellops Go Diving for Treasure published in 1957 is a picture book focusing upon a family of pigs and their adventures. Although not associated with evil, pigs do not generally prove a positive connotation. Instead, his story shows a group of pretty cute pigs utilizing flat, muted oranges and blues. Each pig wears clothes, and uses human items. In this way, the pigs are further individualized through traditionally human qualities riffing off themes of the Victorian
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