How Does Vera In The Odd Couple Play

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Rajaa Dawood
Voice and Diction Class

Critique Questions For “The Odd Couple”

1.) After watching “The Odd Couple” I was astonished by how outstanding the actors were. I was instantly drawn to the show and loved every act of it. Personally, I liked Vera’s performance who is played by Shakiba Shadman and Manolo Costazuela who is played by Adam Mercado. They were very entertaining and they portrayed their role very well. Vera is basically a girl who is not very intelligent and she is enthusiastic. Manolo Costazuela is a Spanish man who lives with his brother and he wants to find himself a new girlfriend. Manolo’s character is very hard to play because he has a Spanish accent which makes it difficult. However, Adam Mercado played the character well by doing the Spanish accent and being humorous. On the other hand, Shakiba Shadman played Vera really well because it is extremely tough to play a foolish character. Shakima Shadman portrayed Vera well and made her likeable rather than annoying. They both were very good actors and they did not
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It put me right in the mood and I felt like I was watching a sitcom such as “That 70s Show.” Whenever they switched scenes, they’d turn off the lights and the set management will come out and set the next scene while they played funny acts on the small tv. The lightening was good and the sound was great as well. The costumes were ideal for the 90s and the set design caught my attention the moment I walked in. For example, the high waisted pants and the old fashioned dresses that Florence wore were specifically designed in the 90s. The whole stage design reminded me of a 90s show that I used to watch with my family. Since I was sitting in the front row whenever the actors threw something it always came by my feet and they would pick it up and apologize. This actually made me laugh and it made me feel like I was involved in the
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