How Does Violent Videogames Cause Violence?

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It is debated around the world that videogames have a great influence on violence in the youth, more specifically in adolescents. It is a controversial topic because of the fact that in the past five years there have been many severe acts of violence with an adolescent in the middle of it. Although this true, I disagree with this statement. There may be a correlation between the two, but I do not think that video games make kids violent. In this essay I will voice my opinion on the worldwide debate of whether or not video games are the direct cause of violence in young adults. According to CNN, total US sales of videogame hardware and software increased a whopping 204% in the past 20 years. In the same time period violent…show more content…
The average kid knows that there are consequences to his/her actions so they do know right from wrong.

It is said that playing these games desensitizes kids to real world issues. Personally, I can’t stand to see a person break a bone or hit the ground hard. I have been playing violent video games for as long as I can remember and I am just like the average person. Although I’m only one person, it is an unfair generalization in saying video games desensitize all kids to gore in real life.

These violent video games can make some kids’ dreams come true. For a lot of kids they want to play video games for a long time. Parents say things like “nothing good comes from video games” but there are official tournaments where players play these video games for huge cash prizes. According to the major league gaming website, in one weekend they gave away $75,000 in prizes to eight different teams. The awards for each team are split amongst four people. That’s a great way to end off a weekend if you ask
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We can’t continue to wrongfully blame video game companies for violence in young adults when there is no indisputable link between these the two. Statistics can’t prove that video games are corrupting the youth and basic logic also says there’s no direct link. We should look somewhere else for where aggressiveness starts in young adults, somewhere where there is evidence that connects these two things. Until then, society should try to find another scapegoat for why their kids are growing up to be juvenile
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