How Does Visioneering Affect An Evangelical Church?

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Visioneering is a vital part of success to every leader who assumes influence to a church. Researchers such as Francis A. Schaeffer Institute of Church Leadership Development (FASICLD) and National Church Life Survey has been conducting surveys of church growth and leadership development to churches which in this research will be tackled the integral part of a leader’s vision as significant factor of a successful leadership in evangelical churches. This study investigates the effect of framing urgent need for vision in successful leading evangelical churches. We will be tracing the outcome of a leader who is a vision driven in relationship to a significant growth in churches in terms to its numerical goal, future direction, and mission. How does visioneering affects an evangelical church to fulfill what was commissioned to them? This review will exclude steps on how to be successful visionary leaders. This will not also explore leadership principles that will apply in creating visions which are most effective and relevant to every evangelical church. The intentions of this research will focus on visioneering as fundamental factor of leadership success. General Statement of the Problem Leadership visioneering has always connected to what the church is driven to do, in most cases, this is connected to the growth of the church. “The 2011 National Church Life Survey (2011 NCLS) is a survey of Australian church attenders conducted across more than 3100 local churches in 23

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