How Does W. F Harvey Create Suspense

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Suspense, mystery, foreshadowing is all part of what makes a successful horror tale.
What lies in between the plot is for you to tell or find out. “Suspense is the uncertainty or anxiety you feel about what will happen next.”(Percy D’ Aco 90) We get this feeling at the end of the story of August Heat. This story portrays a man who is an artist and draws a random guy who later will have a big impact in his life. The story August Heat by W. F. Harvey created a mystery in various sections of his story.The highlight of the story was that is going from good to a story of an outcome that may turn out unexpectedly bad. His short story is full of suspense and eerie foreshadowing. The not knowing keeps you reading, wondering what is really going on.
Two characters were
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The man also lives alone, since his sister died. This creates a feeling of the loneliness you feel when you're alone. He then, however goes into town. A impulse, makes him enter a shop. “A sudden impulse made me enter.”(W.F Harvey 94). Where he is greeted by Mr. Atkinson.. the man he drew. In that moment a suspense is created. You are curious about how he didn't know the man, yet lived in walking proximity. It gets stranger, however, the man whom he meets “greeted me smiling, as if we were old friends, and shook my hand” (Harvey 94).says. Then he goes on to say “ I said little, for I felt uneasy. There were something unnatural, uncanny, in meeting this man.”(Harvey 94) Why did he feel uneasy? There must be a connection between these two men. The meeting between the two was unsettling and caused a sense of suspension. The passage keeps you intrigued into

the story to find out how, why these two guys came across one another.
Mr. Atkinson is working on a piece of marble, when he is finished the piece is a tombstone. “SACRED TO THE MEMORY OF JAMES CLARENCE WITHENCROFT BORN
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