How Does Writing Necessary Writing?

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Thoughts and language are the foundation that is required to create writing. Writing is a unique form of expressing thoughts. Even children can express their thoughts in words, and call their work a piece of writing. However writing should be used as a way to express worldly views. Writing should be used to explain, to share, to provoke. The simple concept of thoughts on paper can influence generations, and create meaning. Everything from the Bible, to the Declaration of Independence has influenced millions of people. This concept of thoughts on paper can also be categorized as effective writing, or plain words on paper. However, the characteristics of good writing consists of deep explanations of the world around us, and can emotionally…show more content…
Imperfections and signs of being different is considered inferior to the majority of the population. The author states that society rejects the different people, but suggests that people should go against the social standards and reach out to the rejected, and outcasted. This writing is effective because it touches upon a social flaw, and a solution to that specific social flaw of shunning others. Just as society casts aside the unwanted people, the story of “Three Spheres” explains how people will often treat others coldly and almost never treat them with compassion or empathy. The patients at mental hospitals from the perspective of the doctors “are manipulative or needy and their behaviors are usually terribly destructive ” (Slater 13). “Three Spheres” explains the opinions of doctors and psychologists towards the “inferior”, and mentally unstable patients. No one desires to be around the mentally unstable because of how society shuns them. Society has even separated the “different” people and isolated them in mental institutes. This writing is an example of the arrogance in human beings, and the feeling of superiority over others in society. Without articulating the issues of society, the author suggests that people with power look down upon the weak and unstable. However, Slater offers a solution to solving this problem in society, by reaching out to those who are weak, with compassion and empathy. This piece of literature expresses
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