How Does Your Web Site Stack Up?

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How Does Your Web Site Stack Up?

Your organization's Web site may be limited to "brochureware," or information on the nature of your association. Or you might use your site as an additional sales channel, while others might even have a full-fledged online business. Whatever the nature of your Web site, there are some rules of thumb to follow...and ways to increase your site's ROI.

Helpful books on e-commerce include The E-Commerce Question and Answer Book by Anita Rosen, e-Service by Ron Zemke and Tom Connellan, The E-Commerce Arsenal by Alexis Gutzman, and E-Profit by Peter Cohan. Here are some tips taken from these books and related seminars.


Most people want their site to feature the latest technology and eye-popping graphics, but any e-business Web strategy should begin by answering these basic questions:
Who am I trying to serve?
What am I trying to achieve?
How am I going to get there?
How will my Web site co-exist with real-time business or current operations?
Who are my critical business contacts hotel chains, airlines, tourist companies, and the like? How could Web links with these contacts help me add value to the business process and enhance my customer relationships?
What information do I need to send my customers?
What information would I like to capture about my customers' needs and expectations as they interact on the site?
You want to include a discussion of Internet technology in the planning and development
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